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Our Services

Our Service and Support Offer comprises of the following

Initial detailed review of your business communications, including a line by line review of your telco bills, which is provided at no cost

Once the review is complete, you will be presented with a high level overview

At this time you decide whether to engage with TEM or not.

If you do decide to engage, the level of support both initially and ongoing, is totally customisable to your specific requirements.

Usually all initial fees and ongoing ones are paid out of the cost savings or value proposition TEM delivers to you.

Other Services TEM provides are

Assisting clients go to market as required for their business communication requirements

Providing an independant review of market offers, from incumbent providers and others.

Assisting with any renegotiations for services from your telco provider of choice

Introducing other independent services providers, for things such as, Hosted desktop as a service or, Hosted IP Pabx, Managed data networks or Non-Standard main stream service providers, for things like, Asset Management tracking, that TEM knows deliver a quality outcome.

TEM Capability Statement

What does TEM offer you?

  • TEM provides an initial line by line bill review, for your chosen telco provider, at no cost.
  • TEM review services, identify redundant fixed line, mobile services including unauthorised app usage, 0/S calling, or fixed data services, which helps to ensure that, you pay only for what is needed.
  • TEM is not owned or operated by any provider, which ensures that your best interests are our focus.
  • TEM consultancy fees only apply when, TEM delivers an outcome that is measurable on the bill or, a fee for service option has been agreed to.
  • TEM can provide individual project service and support options, for things like, E01 submission, Tender Document preparation assistance, Tender Review services, Provider contract negotiations etc.
  • TEM can provide assistance with, product and service comparisons from, all telco providers.
  • TEM specialises in assisting and providing independent advice and support with respect to Telstra products and services.
  • TEM can also provide, billing and provisioning support, for any non-Telstra carrier, with respect to mobiles, fixed line, and data services.
  • TEM can assist with MSP choice and migration to The Cloud with respect to, Hosted PABX Services etc.
  • TEM allows you out source telco service and support which, frees up staff to focus on, their core business activities.
  • TEM provides proactive, not reactive account reviews, for your mobile, fixed line and data services, that help ensure that your spend stays under control, at all times.
  • TEM provides mobiles service management as part of its proactive support service.
  • TEM makes it as easy as possible for you to work with them, by providing a range of standard and negotiable support options, to choose from.